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Clynol is worth a look if Head and Shoulders has worked for you in the past but you find it dries your scalp. If Head and Shoulders didn’t work for you, neither will this.

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buy now on ebay Clynol Care seems appears to be the default anti-dandruff shampoo for hair salons up and down the United Kingdom.  The stylists love it.  Quite how they got themselves in that position I don’t know.  Clynol isn’t a mainstream brand, which may actually go some way to explain the appeal.  

The bottle looks cool, salon cool, and I was looking forward to this review to see if I can judge this book by its very pretty cover.  People, who work with hair and scalp 6 days a week must know what they are talking about right?


As said, the bottle is very cool and the shampoo itself is a milky white with little discernible scent.   The shampoo isn’t sulfate free, which is unfortunate for my scalp but very fortunate when it comes to washing.  Sulfate shampoos have a very luxurious feel which makes it such a tragedy that they are stripping your scalp of any natural oils it may have had.  

Immediately after washing my hair felt very clean, my scalp felt good and now 6 hours on I can feel those faint tingles of irritation.

Ingredients wise Clynol isn’t a bad shampoo.  It’s not a good shampoo by any stretch but there are far worse out there.   There are a few irritants but nothing that bad.  Counterbalanced somewhat by the fact that there is nothing that good either.  Zinc Pyrithione is a very mild anti fungal agent the active ingredient used in Head and Shoulders.  So if you have very mild seb derm this may be worth a look.  

If Head and Shoulders works for you then this is definitely worth a look.  If not, then I would look at some much better options.


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