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It washes and smells nice.

With the sheer quantity of harsh allergens they’ve added, if it didn’t smell and wash nice I would probably sue them.

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buy now on AmazonLike most of us, Head and Shoulders was one of the first dandruff shampoos I tried to control my dandruff.  And like many of us this effort was in vain and I quickly moved on to another product.   It surprised me when I visited my pharmacy to see so many variants of Head and Shoulders out there these days.   I bought the one labeled “For Men” and still have no idea why this one specifically is for us of a masculine disposition.  Even less so when I opened the bottle and the shampoo smelled of fruit!  I thought it might smell of musk or beer.

The shampoo contains 1% Zinc Pyrithione, an anti-bacterial agent that can help dandruff caused by mild Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. This surprised me somewhat as I specifically remember the old commercials showing dry scalp dandruff but I proceeded to wash my hair.

The shampoo washes very nicely, the foam felt very thick and my hair suitably moisturized afterward.  I also felt a mild itching which turned into a red patch so I knew I’d put some pretty damaging chemicals on my head.

And I was right…

This bottle is like a who’s who of ingredients known to cause contact dermatitis. They haven’t even tried to create a gentle shampoo; adding the likes of SLS, SLES, Kathon CG, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine. That’s two of the most notorious ingredients in dandruff shampoos today (SLS & SLES) as well as one former and one current contact allergen of the year.  Even the listed perfumes (Linalool and Limonene) are notoriously bad.  Do a search for Linalool to see what I mean.  Aside from the known contact allergens, it’s hard to find a chemical in there that’s not listed as hazardous on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.   Quite how this is supposed to clear dandruff without causing a bad reaction is anyone’s guess.

Head & Shoulders are a classic example of the power of cynical mass marketing over product.  This isn’t a dandruff shampoo, this is a bottle of cheap contact allergens with a mild dandruff agent added as an after thought.  If this clears your dandruff it’s a miracle.  It goes without saying that there’s far far better alternatives out there.

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