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Sebamed is an extremely effective yet gentle shampoo for those with mild to moderate dandruff caused by Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

Why isn’t this brand better known!

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buy now on Amazon Sebamed are a new company to me.  They are German company who are more famous for producing skin products for babies.  This bodes well for us with sensitive skin sufferers so I was looking forward to trying their anti-dandruff shampoo.  

I have to admit, I love their packaging.  The branding looks modern and clean and on closer inspection, the ingredients of this shampoo are “almost 100% biodegradable”.  I’m not sure what almost 100% means but it sounds like the company has good intentions.

sebamed anti-dandruff shampoo

The ingredients in this shampoo reflect a company that are well versed in making market-leading baby skin products  There are a few allergens in here but certainly much less than the industry standard.

The main concern is the use of “parfum”.  However none of the EU 26 contact allergen fragrances are in there, so some comfort can be taken from that.  It does also contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES), considered one of the more gentle sulfate based surfactants, but I would personally have preferred if they didn’t use it at all.

So how does this shampoo perform?

The shampoo’s active ingredient is Piroctone Olamine, an anti-fungal ingredient to treat dandruff caused by Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. Its a very effective ingredient for mild to moderate dermatitis. Perhaps not as effective as e.g. Ketoconazole but its also a gentler ingredient, even for every day useage.

Often when such gentle ingredients are used, the shampoo itself is hopeless at washing.   But this just isn’t the case with Sebamed. This company are obviously extremely skilled at creating gentle but effective shampoos. The shampoo is clear, has a very mild soapy scent and foams very well indeed. Considering there are no harsh sulfates at work here the performance is astonishing. My hair felt extremely soft and clean afterwards and it helped remove my dandruff and control my itchy scalp.

If you have mild or moderate dandruff caused by Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, I simply can’t recommend this shampoo highly enough.

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