Why is Selsun shampoo out of stock?

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One of my favorite shampoos is Selsun 2.5% shampoo. It has a number of variations over the globe, but it’s essentially a 2.5% selenium sulfide shampoo famous for its bright orange coloring.  It’s often nicknamed Selsun orange or Selsun yellow, as opposed to the more famous Selsun Blue.  But since fall last year the shampoo started to disappear from our shelves as retailers ran out of stock.

For many seb derm sufferers it’s a godsend, and along with Nizoral 2%, is my goto shampoo if I have a breakout.  I found an alternative I’ve used since, Selukos, another 2.5% Selenium Sulfide shampoo popular in mainland Europe.  But incredibly that started to disappear from the shelves and is either unavailable or extremely expensive from many retailers.

So, has Selsun shampoo been discontinued?

Well, I have some great news!

I contacted the manufacturer again and they told me that they expect the 150ml bottles of Selsun to be available to wholesalers at the end of June 2019, and the 50 and 100ml bottles to be available in August 2019.  If this does come to fruition, then we can expect to see this hit our pharmacies a couple of months after these dates.

This is fantastic news.  I genuinely thought the product was discontinued after almost a year of no availability.  I can only assume that Selukos will appear in roughly the same timescales as this looks to have been a global shortage.

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