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Hi, my name is Chris, the creator of Dandruff Deconstructed. If you’re currently suffering from dandruff and don’t know where to start or you’ve got a recurring problem with dandruff then you’ve come to the right place.

The 3 step process to controlling dandruff

There are hundreds if not thousands of dandruff shampoos on the market yet there are millions of people who still have dandruff.   It seems ludicrous as the vast majority of those people are suffering needlessly.  The very purpose of this site is to help you find the best dandruff shampoo for your individual needs.

In order to control your dandruff you must:

1. Know what condition is causing your dandruff

In order to find your best dandruff shampoo you will need to understand the condition that is causing your dandruff. Already you’re in unchartered territory here as many folk don’t even realize there are different “types” of dandruff.  Each type requires a different type of treatment. However most people will just buy a dandruff shampoo without any understanding of their dandruff causing condition. The shampoo manufacturers don’t help. They know they will sell more shampoos if people don’t know the precise shampoo for their needs. They do little to educate on this simple, everyday condition.

The common conditions that can cause dandruff include:

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis is one of the most common and chronic causes of dandruff. A reaction to the yeast Malassezia is the probable cause of Seborrheic Dermatitis. If you suffer from this you’ll typically have oily skin and the dandruff will be large yellow yellowy/white scales. You’ll probably have red patches on the scalp and maybe even other oil producing areas of your body such as the eyebrows, either side of your nose, behind your ears, your chest, groin or even your armpits.

Read more to find out how to treat Seborrheic Dermatitis

Dry Scalp

The number one cause of dandruff isn’t technically dandruff at all. It’s a dry scalp. There are a number of reasons for a dry scalp; washing your hair too much or even a change in the weather can cause dry skin. This explains why your dandruff comes and goes. Your dandruff will white crumbs of dry skin and your scalp will itch. It will not be oily at all. For mild sufferers of dry skin, a good moisturising shampoo may be all that’s needed. There are medicated shampoos designed to help too. Avoiding the harsh chemicals found in many shampoos may help too.

If you think you have a dry scalp, find the best dandruff shampoo for your needs


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that results in the overproduction of skin cells. The dead cells build up into silvery-white scales. The skin becomes inflamed and red, causing serious itching and the skin flakes. Psoriasis can affect many parts of the body, but psoriasis on the scalp can cause chronic dandruff in certain cases.

Read more about scalp psoriasis

Product build-up

If you regularly use a myriad of hair products, residues of these products will build up and cause a flaky scalp. Your hair will feel lank and lifeless and you’ll have a build-up of gunk on the scalp. A good clarifying shampoo is recommended if this is your cause of dandruff.

Learn more about dandruff caused by product build up

Not washing your hair enough

As well as washing your hair too much, not washing your hair enough will also cause dandruff. The oils and scales of your skin will build up eventually causing dandruff. These flakes can be quite large and a bit icky oily. A regular use of a good shampoo is recommended here, maybe a good clarifying shampoo.

2. Understand which shampoos are designed to control your condition

Dandruff shampoos can contain many different active ingredients. These active ingredients are designed to control specific types of dandruff. Using the wrong active ingredient on the wrong type of dandruff will have no effect at best – it may even aggravate the condition! Anti fungals are best for seborrheic dermatitis. Ingredients that inhibit cell growth often work best with psorasis.

Once you understand the condition causing your dandruff, our unique dandruff shampoo search tool will locate all the dandruff shampoos designed to control your condition.

3. Find the best shampoo for your individual needs

Our search tool will show you all the shampoos designed to control your condition.   Our reviews will explain, in detail, how effective these shampoos are and what chemicals these shampoos contain.  I pride myself on the fact that our reviewers personally try every shampoo we review.  It may take us longer to get a review out there but try and find another site which provides such comprehensive information on the shampoos.   It does have its drawbacks though, as this outbreak caused by a nameless shampoo shows.


In addition to reviewing the effectiveness of the shampoo, did you know that your shampoo contains ingredients that can itch, irritate and even cause dandruff themselves? A significant number (~90%) of these chemicals have never been tested for their effect on human health. Many of these chemicals are known to have adverse effects on our skin and one of these adverse effects is dandruff. It’s absolute madness. Many dandruff shampoos actually cause dandruff, even shampoos with often misleading labels such as “organic” or “hypo-allergenic”. Our reviews we will warn you of the presence of any one of 80 chemicals that are known contact allergens. Many of us dandruff sufferers have sensitive skin, the two often go hand in hand, and sensitive skin sufferers are most prone to react to these allergens.

Now with these three steps in mind….

Now find your best dandruff treatment…




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