Review :: Avlon Keracare Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo

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Avlon Keracare Dry & Itchy Scalp shampoo is an enigma. A genius has put together some of the plant anf flower extracts to control swelling and moisturize thes calp. The same genius has also added some of the harshest contact allergens out there.

The Jekyll and Hyde of dandruff shampoos.

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Keracare itchy scalp shampoo is one of those reasonably obscure shampoos that have a devoted following. The shampoo is said to “alleviate dry and itchy scalp conditions”, “cleans hair and scalp” “eliminates flakiness”. Hey, it sounds good! It also “decreases interfiber friction”. I have literally no idea what this means.  Avlon goes on to claim that the shampoo “contains superb moisturizers that help protect the hair and scalp.”

I’ve rarely pay attention to marketing speak, but the number of people who swear by this product had me genuinely interested.

The shampoo comes in a very well designed, elegant looking bottle. It looks expensive but in reality, the price is very reasonable. I was impressed.

The shampoo is a light blue liquid, the same color as toothpaste and I immediately noticed the menthol. The wash was very luxurious and I could feel the menthol right away.

Menthol is an ingredient I’m not too fond of personally. It’s another chemical added to the shampoo that serves no real practical purpose. I understand that people like it because it makes their head feel nice, and that’s fine.  I personally prefer as few ingredients as possible in my shampoos.

Anyhow, after washing my hair felt very smooth and my flakes had disappeared. As I write this review some 6 hours later my hair still feels clean and fresh and my scalp hasn’t itched once.

It worked. So what is the magic behind this shampoo?

I checked the ingredients.

The active ingredient in this shampoo is Zinc Pyrithione, a mild anti-fungal agent that helps control mild cases of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. The other blend of ingredients is the most unique concoction of ingredients I have ever witnessed. It’s almost like two people made this shampoo – one good guy and one Dr Evil.

The good guy has put together plant and flower extracts; some of which are said to moisturize, some are said to control swelling and redness and some are said to stop itching. The combination is absolutely unique and some of the best I have ever seen in a shampoo.

On the other side is a combination of some of the harshest chemicals known to cause contact dermatitis. There are 5 of them rated in the red zone by the EWG Skin Deep database. Formaldehyde, sulfates, perfumes, carcinogens. They’re all in there. It’s absolutely incredible and has completely mystified me.

Who on earth would put these chemicals in a shampoo for people with scalp conditions?

I would have thought the manufacturer was one of the most cynical on the market were it not for the skillful and unbelievably well-researched combination of plant and flower extracts. I can see why it has such a passionate following, if you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients then this shampoo would be amazing. However, there are so many allergens in there I don’t know how many people this would apply to.

I really want to do 2 reviews on this one. One would be a 5 star and the other would be a 0. As it is, I’m giving these guys a 2.5/5. With a few tweaks, this could be an absolutely fantastic shampoo though.


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  1. A very interesting review! Thank you. I’m now completely on the fence. But I may just chance it as I do not have any known allergies (…yet)


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