Review :: Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo – Original Formula

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T/Gel is an age old classic for dandruff sufferers containing too many age old classic contact allergens for our liking

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3.06 (17 votes)

buy now on Amazon T/Gel is a name synonymous with dandruff control.  There are a few variants out now but this original formula has been an absolute mainstay for controlling scalp psoriasis and mild seborrheic dermatitis.

The shampoo contains coal tar, a controversial active ingredient because it contains hundreds of active ingredients in itself.  However, it is also an ingredient that has helped many many folk over the past few millenia.

The shampoo is similar in color to ice tea but the first thing you’ll notice when washing is the smell.  This stuff smells bad.  Imagine a regular medicated shampoo on fire and halfway there.  It smells like coal.   It foams well but your hair will smell a little.   It makes my hair feel dry, but do you know what, it helps control scalp psoriasis/mild seb derm and it’s an absolute classic brand.

Although I have used this stuff for years and years I’ve never paid attention to the ingredients until this review.  Do you know what?  It’s absolutely crammed with contact allergens in there.  I’d like to think that’s why Neutrogena are releasing different formula to this one.  Hopefully, this was put together in less enlightened days but only four of the ingredients aren’t known contact allergens and two of them are salt and water!  This stuff contains sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde releasers derived from animal urine (really!).  It also contains perfumes.  I have no idea what this stuff would have smelled like without the perfumes!

They’ve thrown the contact allergen kitchen sink at this shampoo.  Coal Tar is a contact allergen itself in many of us so be very careful with this shampoo, it’s not exactly mild and nowadays there are better coal tar and scalp psoriasis alternatives out there.  But it’s still a classic and works for millions of people out there.

So who am I to judge?


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9 thoughts on “Review :: Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo – Original Formula”

  1. im surprised how nasty the ingredients are – I must be very lucky as I don’t react to any of them and find this shampoo ok. I rotate it with a shampoo available in Europe called T Gel Greasy which contains piroc olamine and that really does a good job on the dandruff and isnt as harsh as the bodyshop PO shampoo

    • That’s the thing with reviews – its such a personal experience. I can only tell you whats in it, not how it will work. If it works for you then keep using it! If you react to it then you can see start to work out the ingredients that cause reactions in you.

      As I said though, if it works then there’s no reason for you to stop using it whatsoever. Quite the opposite in fact!

  2. I used head and shoulders and could not get the mega flaking and red skin under control , I used coal tar years ago when I had a case of thick dandruff around the face in the hair line so I tried it again and instant relief. (I forgot about it
    working years ago ) if you have this irritating skin problem you will try anything to get it under control . and this works

    • a mi me funciono aplicar bicarbonato de sodio con jugo de limon en el cuero cabelludo y dar masaje al rededor de unos 2 a 3 minutos, posteriormente lo enjuague y lave con el sampoo, tarda un poco en verse los resultados, pero de que funciona y es muy efectivo lo es , ya lo veras, gracias!

  3. yo tengo un problema, tengo un circulo en la cabeza de alrededor de 3 cm de diametro, pero no esta completamente calva, si no que solo tiene poco cabello, y tengo el cabello muy grasoso. y atras de las orejas tambien tengo grasa. alguien me puede decir. si el T GEL me puede servir.

  4. I have used just one time but it seem to calm down my symptoms. I am concerned that it left a brown tint only gray hair.


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