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Cristiano Ronaldo is on their commercials! Like the Portuguese national team, even with Cristiano Ronaldo on side, this is a distinctly average performer.

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buy now on Amazon Clear Men is a household name in the USA while having little traction in the UK at all.

Rather typically though, as soon as I bought this shampoo I’ve seen them advertised all over the place.  They even sponsor Cristiano Ronaldo!  You’d think that a company with the budget to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo would have done their homework and created an absolutely superb shampoo, wouldn’t you?

Well, wouldn’t you? …

Clean Men is a Zinc Pyrithione based shampoo for sufferers of mild Serborheic Dermatitis.  With this, American Crew, Clynol Care and Red Ken it seems Zinc Pyrithione is the active ingredient of choice for the more fashionable dandruff shampoos.

This is weird considering it is also the exact same active ingredient of choice in the budget range too.

And do you know what?  Your scalp reacts the same regardless of how much you paid.

Zinc Pyrithione for what its worth is effective at controlling mild Seborrhoeic Dermatitis but there are far better active ingredients out there now.

The shampoo is milky white and has a very pleasant fruity aroma.  The company has also refrained from labeling the shampoo with a generic “Fragrance” and have instead listed all the ingredients of their perfume.    This is the first time I’ve seen a major company do this and it must be applauded.

The wash itself was very thorough, the foam dense and luxurious and my hair felt soft and moisturized afterward.  I thought these scents and foams must have come at a high price and I wasn’t wrong.  Although not as bad as I expected, Clear Scalp Therapy Anti-Dandruff shampoo contains an unbelievable number of ingredients including SLS, Kathon CJ and formaldehyde releasers among others.   Before using I would thoroughly check the contact allergens listed below as there are a number of pretty severe ones in there.

Overall, Clear Men reminds me of the Portuguese national team.  Even with Cristiano Ronaldo in tow, they remain distinctly average. Edit – I wrote this review just before they won the Euros. Typical!


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