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The best and most luxurious wash we’ve encountered on this site. It also contains some world class ingredients which will help alleviate inflammations and contact dermatitis.

That said, it ironically also contains some ingredients that can cause contact dermatitis.

If it works for you it will be good. Very good. But be aware of what it contains.

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hydrosil bottle Hydrosil is a dry scalp shampoo manufactured and sold at  Skinshop is a UK based specialty store whose mission it is to, “make the most effective natural skin care products for sensitive and complicated skin without the use of chemicals or steroids.”  That ambition alone must be applauded and appeals immensely to or sentiments as dandruffdeconstructed.  It’s not an ambition unique to skinshop either.  I’m seeing more and more small independent niche retailers use quality of ingredient as their usp and long may this continue.

Their Hydrosil Dry Scalp shampoo is said to, “moisturize and keep the scalp in healthy condition while effectively cleansing the hair and creating a salon standard finish.”  If the shampoo managed to achieve that while staying true to the company ambition then they have won a friend for life here.  Essentially this is what this site is about, finding shampoos that feel luxurious and perform.  Shampoos that are beneficial to you while being cost-effective for the manufacturer to produce.  For too long we’ve seen the large manufacturers sell us all sorts of shit in order to keep their costs down.    Shampoos that are better for them than us!

Is Hydrosil everything they, and now I, hoped it to be?

The shampoo has no discernible scent, is transparent and is a thick substance.  Use sparingly.  The wash was absolutely outstanding.  We’re talking top quality salon wash here.   Afterward, my hair felt soft and my scalp genuinely felt moisturized.  Absolutely outstanding.  So have we finally found the perfect dry scalp shampoo in Hydrosil?…

Shampoos, for a multitude of reasons, fall over in the ingredients.  Formulating a shampoo is tough.  There are a million and one moving parts to consider.

hydrosil dry scalp shampoo
Pictures can’t convey just how thick this liquid is

The good news is that Hydrosil is fragrance, paraben, artificial color and sulfate free.  This is not one of your cheap generic dollar store shampoos here.  They have put real thought formulating this shampoo.

One of the primary ingredients is Mel, a type of honey.  Honey is remarkably good for your skin.  Don’t believe me?  Next time you burn yourself, bathe the affected area in cold water, put on some honey and you’ll see what I mean.  Whatever the honey is doing in this shampoo, it is only for good things.  Sorbitol is another ingredient you rarely see in shampoos.  Why I don’t know as it is such a good moisturizer.  I’m convinced that these are two of the ingredients that make this shampoo wash and feel so great.  The final ingredient that really stood out for me was Cardiospermum Halicacabum Extract.  Cardiospermum Halicacabum is a plant more commonly known as Balloon Vine.  It’s also a plant I’ve never seen in a shampoo before, which is a surprise as only 3 years ago TKS published a report stating that this a plant with a cortisone-like action as a valid alternative to traditional dermatological applications.  Essentially its a natural treatment for contact dermatitis.  We hope to see a lot more of this plant in the coming years!

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news.  Hydrosil contains 3 of the hundred or so contact allergens we monitor shampoos for.

  1. Cocamide DEA.  A deriviative of coconut oil (some say needlessly derived).  Cocamide DEA is rated as a red hazard by the ewg, is a known contact allergen and was labeled by Prevention magazine as “The Common Natural Ingredient That You Must Avoid”.
  2. Kathon CG. A preservative, again rated red by the ewg.  This preservative is actually a combination of two chemicals with incomprehensible names (Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone).  Kathon CG  caused a bit of a media storm in the UK in 2013 for causing an epidemic of allergies.  It appears that only a small percentage of people are affected by these chemicals but, as the Methylisothiazolinone Victims Facebook page shows, those that are allergic are really allergic to it.  Some of the reactions are criminal in all honesty.  Luckily manufacturers are switching to much gentler preservatives which makes its inclusion all the more disappointing in Hydrosil.
  3. Potassium Sorbate. Commonly used in foods such as Mcdonald’s Milk Shakes to inhibit mold growth.  It’s also known to cause contact dermatitis.

So do I recommend Hydrosil?  As ever, a recommendation is dependant on a number of factors.  For example, if you’re allergic to Cocamide DEA, Kathon CG or Potassium Sorbate I don’t!      Most of you won’t be allergic at all.  I’m not.  Only a small percentage will react.  But a small percentage is still too much in our opinion.  I’d have concerns about using it long term too.    Which is a shame as Hydrosil promised so much.  Here we have a manufacturer with real vision who has produced a shampoo that provides a salon standard wash – as good as any I have used on this site.  They have added some world-class ingredients we’ve simply never seen before.  If they could tone down one or two of the ingredients known to cause contact dermatitis then they’d genuinely have the best dry scalp shampoo we have ever seen.

If it works for you it will be very good, just be aware of what it contains.

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